Who we are

Welcome to Stellar Snacks (est. 2019), the tastiest and healthiest family / women run company in this galaxy. Our founders, Elisabeth and Gina Galvin, are the first and only lady bosses baking pretzels and roasting nuts in the United States.

Stellar Snacks was created by the combined efforts of experts, innovators, and downright passionate people. Together, the team has compiled over 200 years of experience in the pretzel and nut manufacturing industries.  Today, Elisabeth and her team are certainly not falling short of the stars with Stellar Snacks.

Our Story

French entrepreneur, Elisabeth Galvin, founded Delyse Inc. approximately 25 years ago. The company has stood out as a provider of excellent products and services for the transportation industry in the US, Canada and Europe. Delyse has always lived and thrived by its commitment to packaging the best pretzels, crackers, nuts, and trail mix for their clients without straying from their core values of integrity and love. Over the years with Delyse, Elisabeth repeatedly felt that there was an unfulfilled need for healthy and innovative product offerings that you can count on, so she decided to put an end to the void and create her own sustainable solution. Thus, Stellar Snacks was born.

Stellar Snacks will allow Companies like Delyse to adhere to their promises more than ever before, and expand opportunities for a broader market as well.Whether you are a startup, small, or big company we value you as a Stellar customer and we will offer you unprecedented services and products.We promise you that we will be a driver of innovation and sustainability. We stand strongly by our ability to perform, and we will continue to focus on building win-win partnerships with our Stellar Customers and Vendors.

Oui got Pretzels ! Oui got Nuts!

Our Mission

To reach for the stars when it comes to quality and sustainability in all aspects of our business. We are devoted to making a positive impact. We passionately bake pretzels and roast nuts daily. From the farm to the customer, we strive to offer healthy snacks, innovation and transparency. Our mission is to: Empower our star artists, nourish relationships (from our supply partners to our employees) and give back to our community.

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