We take great pride in sourcing ingredients from domestic and international suppliers, creating a long terms relationship with growers and processors. Our suppliers go through our rigid supplier approval process and we consider food safety and quality as our number one priority.


We offer customized blending for all your pretzel and trail mix needs with full traceability of each component. We also offer customized powder and oil-based seasoning using stainless steel and highly efficient equipment to provide an even and flavorful coating.

Baking & Roasting

Our European Designed Pretzel oven allows us to offer our pretzels in various shapes and sizes.Custom Dry and Oil roasting in state of art ovens with brand new highly efficient roasters deliver a deep even roast to lock in the flavor without jeopardizing food safety. Our roaster can pasteurize your products to comply with the governing food safety boards as required.

Co-packing / private label

Our state-of-the-art packaging equipment uses a precision weight control system for all your packaging needs such as portion control, wholesale bulk and even PET jars. Our packaging bag types include pillow, block bottom, gusseted, quad, doy, 3 side seal, zip and pre-made.


We utilize our in-house R&D and many years of experience to assist you with product development. All the way from ingredient sourcing to custom roasting and seasoning. We can also assist with sourcing the right packaging material to make sure you maximize the shelf life of your product. This is a value-added service that we provide to our partners.

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