Oui bake pretzels and roast nuts in our SQF and Kosher Certified Facility!

Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Due to drastic climate changes we offer temperature-controlled warehousing for both raw materials and finished products to maximize shelf life.

Nitrogen Conversion Systems

By replacing the breathable atmosphere in a package with a pure gas or a gas mixture, including nitrogen, the shelf life of products can be significantly extended, helping them look, smell, and taste good far longer than they would otherwise.

Grease Traps

Keeping our environment clean, our grease traps intercept most greases and solids before they enter wastewater disposal systems. We recycle what we can and dispose what we can't in the most environmentally friendly way as possible.

Water Treatment Capability

Our water treatment process incorporates general purpose water insuring sanitary conditions to process water treatment and purification for high quality food production and taste.

Refrigerated Storage

A 20,000 sq foot refrigerator plays an important role in food safety and shelf life. We have plenty of refrigeration for your most sensitive product needs.

Kosher Certified

No doubt, the initial demand for kosher products comes from committed kosher consumers. However, the kosher market extends far beyond the Jewish population, and includes vegetarians and people with food allergies and more.

Food Safety

Food safety is a critical step in our manufacturing. We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility from our growers to human consumption. Whether it’s your or our brand, we have implemented protocols and invested in equipment that ensure safe and enjoyable food for everyone.

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