Pretzels With a purpose

At Stellar Snacks, we believe snacks are meant to be shared, so we make non-GMO, Kosher, vegan pretzel snacks that everyone can enjoy. We strive to make a positive impact with every ingredient we hand-pick and every product we deliver. Our dedication to sustainable manufacturing practices and our passion for high quality snack pretzels results in a better, healthier snacking experience.

Our Story

Our Flour

It all starts with the highest quality wheat and barley flour, sustainably grown and milled right here in the U.S.

Our Butter

Rich, smooth, and 100% vegan, our signature butter is key to making our vegan pretzels, and will make you a believer after just one bite.

Our Salt

The perfect sea salt does exist. We import ours from Italy and add a just-right pinch to every pretzel.

Our Seasoning

Nature knows best. That's why we only use pure, whole ingredients like garlic, onion, and monk fruit to make our pretzel snacks.

Our Star Artists

Meet the artists who bring our packaging to life

Gina & Natalia

This college duo created the first work that inspired the art-on-bag series for Stellar Snacks. Years later, their friendship endures — a vibrant connection that's as alive as their art.

More About Gina & Natalia

Carly & Bobby

This LA-based best friend duo specializes in multimedia artistic applications, and although their styles alone are divergent, when they come together, magic happens!

More About Carly & Bobby


A nomadic artist from Morocco, Houda is a traveler and creator who draws inspiration from the world around her. Equally deft with the words as she is with her paintbrush, her work inspires and awes no matter what form it takes.

More About Houda

Caro Clarke

A multimedia artist based out of Santa Barbara, California, Caro divides her time between creating vibrant, bold works of art and being a mom of two busy little humans.

More About Caro Clarke

What People are saying

Tammy B

You can taste that these pretzels are made with a mothers love! healthy vegan snacks that my kids actually eat – and ask for again and again.

Kiersten J

The most magnificent pretzels on the planet. I also love that you are a woman founded company! Something I love to support every chance I get!!

Kelly T

I don't know what magic you all put in these pretzels, tried these for the first time and THEY'RE REALLLL GOOD. It's that butter taste at the end. Amazing product. Peace and pretzels.